New Evidence That Smoking Harms Male Fertility

The Campus Slate – New Evidence That Smoking Harms Male Fertility; A new study confirmed that smoking bad effects on the sperm of a man.

And using the latest definition set by the World Health Organization‘s sperm is normal, the researchers found that, at least in smokers number of sperm and their movement as they have increasingly deformed sperm than non-smokers.

Stop Smoking

Stop Smoking

The Ashok Agarwal of the American Center for Reproductive Medicine at the Cleveland Clinic, and colleagues reviewed the 20 studies six thousand participants include approx. The researchers said in the European Journal of diseases of the urinary tract that men who are exposed to cigarette smoke have a lower significantly the number of sperm that threw them at one time and less movement of the sperm and increase their number of deformed sperm.

Ashok said the service, told The Campus Slate Health via e-mail that it was not yet known to what extent the impact of smoking on male fertility.

“With this accumulated data indicate that the ability of sperm to fertilize and therefore normal embryo depend on many common factors is the main criteria of semen” such as broken DNA and genetic changes in the sperm, which can not be diagnosed by a simple examination of semen. Production

Abizaid and that there is no one study of twenty studies included in the review assessed what happened to the quality of semen when the man quit smoking.

He continued, “We can clearly say that smoking affects fertility in males … therefore must be directed strong advice to quit smoking for couples who are trying to give birth.”

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New Evidence That Smoking Harms Male Fertility
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